Thursday, May 2, 2013

Five Reasons to get any Non-Resident Permit (e.g. Utah, Arizona, Florida, etc.) Now


Why get the Utah, Arizona, Florida or any non-resident permit now, when the State of Illinois permit is close to becoming law?

1. The current House Bill 0997 includes a provision that, if passed, will allow you to carry in Illinois under an out of state non-resident permit for 365 days. Yes, we all will still need to sit for the Illinois class once we know what those classes will look like. But we all will avoid the onslaught of students and severe price gauging initially.

2. The Utah, Arizona, Florida or other non-resident permits are "multi-state" permits, allowing you to conceal carry in many States, depending on the permit.

3. In the current political climate, our second amendment rights are being chipped away, slowly but surely. Once you have these multi-state, non-resident permits, you are showing your support for your 2A rights.

4. Illinois might not reciprocate / honor any other State permit for a long time even after some law is passed.  So if you travel across the Illinois borders of Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri or Iowa and would like to protect yourself and your family once you cross the state line, you will need a multi-state, non-resident permit (i.e. Utah, Arizona, Florida, etc.).

5. Because it is our God given right!  The second Amendment is not what gives us the right to keep and bear arms, rather it says that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.  This clearly means that the right to bear arms precedes the Constitution.  Our Constitution codifies how our government should operate (what it can and can not do), so the Second Amendment says that the Government shall not infringe on the existing right to keep and bear arms.  The Declaration of Independence tells us that our rights are inalienable and endowed by our Creator.


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