Thursday, April 18, 2013

Disagree with Expanding Background Checks Courtesy of Senator Kirk? A Letter from Illinois Concealed Carry

Senator Kirk's position is to expand background
checks on law abiding citizens
Dear Senator Kirk,
I strongly disagree with your recent positions to expand background checks on law abiding citizens.  It infringes on our rights and puts my life in danger.

I assume that you do know that criminals could care less about what laws are passed. Right?  You also should be aware that current laws, passed by you: our esteemed representatives, are IGNORED.  How are they ignored?  Ask police officers who arrest criminals on firearms violations only to see slaps on wrist given out instead of tough sentencing.  Could you please make sure that the laws our Representatives pass are ENFORCED?  I prefer that instead of a repeat of history.

How and why does it put my life in danger?  I am a direct descendant of survivors of gun control, registration, followed by confiscation, followed by a MASS extermination of human beings by forces of communism and their goons.  The experience and memory is in my DNA.  You can’t legislate that away.  You only sharpen the memories of my predecessors and cause alarms to go off when you continue to infringe on our rights by passing more gun legislation.

My great grand fathers, unable to protect themselves after firearms were confiscated from their families, suffered greatly.  One even spent countless years in Stalin's camps.  Only by the grace of God, he persevered and survived, to tell his story so that history does not repeat itself.  I am simply lucky to have been born at all because many of my predecessors simply died at the hands of the government goons (who never took weapons away from themselves by the way).  Those perished predecessors and distant relatives could not have offspring as a result of their demise.  There will never be countless people I would otherwise call: cousins, aunts, uncles etc... or other relatives of mine as a result of what started as "expanded gun laws".

Now, the end result which is mass extermination after arms are confiscated, does not occur overnight.  This is why people ridicule those who sound the alarm.  We are now an instant results/gratification society and when we don’t see some result instantly, we tend to ignore and ridicule the issue at hand.  Same with firearms.  Mass exterminations NEVER occur the next day after restrictions.  Firearms controls, registrations and other restriction, take many years and then one day, you don’t have firearms anymore.   Then the day after, you can’t defend yourself anymore if you need to, and you perish.  This process takes years but it always ends in the same way: millions upon millions of dead people at the hands of very few with weapons.

I don’t believe that there’s a single Representative in our Government Today who has an evil plan in the works to exterminate Americans.  However, there are today, tyrants among us, men who will grow up and seize power if given a path and a chance to do so.  2A is there to remind us that we can defend our freedoms from evil.  Stalin and Hitler did not confiscate guns themselves, it was done when they were young and not in power at the time of registration and confiscation preceding their tyrannical “careers”.  Prior restrictions gave them the path and a chance to do evil without any resistance.

I really am saddened that you support further restrictions of our II Amendment, which by the way does not give us the right, but rather it tells the Government that the Government can’t infringe on that right which already exists.

I hope that Illinois can produce a strong supporter of the 2A in the next election.

Respectfully, a student of history, survivor of gun control, and your constituent.

Contact Senator Kirk to express your support for 2nd Amendment.
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Illinois Concealed Carry Releases April & May Calendar of Classes

Illinois Concealed Carry Releases April & May Calendar of Classes

Oakbrook, IL | Firearm & Non-Lethal Weapon Training For Safety, Defense & Recreation Illinois Concealed Carry out of Oakbrook, Illinois releases April & May Calendar of Classes.

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