Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Illinois Concealed Carry Law has yet to be been passed! Such a class does not exist yet.

The Illinois concealed carry law has not been passed yet! Do not fall for instructors who are offering classes right now

The Illinois concealed carry law has not been passed yet
Unscrupulous and Unethical Instructors are
already offering Illinois Concealed Carry classes.
Oakbrook, IL | The Illinois concealed carry law has not been passed yet! News flash... Do yourself a favor and do not fall for unscrupulous and unethical instructors who are offering you an Illinois concealed carry class right now. Such a class does not exist yet. The seventh circuit court made it perfectly clear that the current prohibition on concealed carry in Illinois is unconstitutional. The court stayed its order for 180 days thus giving the Illinois General Assembly until June 9th 2013 to come up with an Illinois concealed carry law/bill. If no concealed carry law is passed, the court is likely to permit concealed carry without a law: in other words we could have constitutional carry.

The bill in front of the State of Illinois Legislative Assembly has undergone a dozen changes and will undergo a dozen more before the final Illinois concealed carry law is finalized and passed. These changes will incorporate instructor qualifications and registries with the Illinois State Police as well as student class requirements. Furthermore, the State of Illinois Concealed Carry law might require that all training be effective after the Illinois concealed carry law has passed.

I know what you are thinking: It is very reasonable to assume that the 8 hour NRA Basic pistol class will be the foundation to qualify for the Illinois concealed carry license/permit, once it passes. It is easy to make that assumption because the 8 hour NRA Basic Pistol class qualifies you for most other concealed carry permits/licenses in the Nation and it is listed as one of the proposed student requirements in HB0997. DON'T TAKE THAT CHANCE!! The current Illinois Concealed Carry bill already has specific range (live-fire) qualifications that are different from the typical 8 hour NRA Basic Pistol class. Furthermore lawmakers have changed the range (live-fire) qualifications multiple times already.

The Illinois concealed carry class is likely to have specific examination requirements during classroom portion and discussions on the use of deadly force as they pertain to the laws of the State of Illinois.

However, there is something you should be doing to prepare for Illinois concealed carry. You absolutely must obtain a non-resident permit from Florida, Arizona or Utah. In the proposed legislation (amended HB0997) there is language that states the following: "Any Illinois resident who has a license or permit to carry a handgun issued by another state shall be able to carry a handgun in accordance with this Act using that license for 365 days following the effective date of this Act." This means that you would be able to carry concealed in Illinois on the date when the bill becomes law for 1 year. Avoid the initial onslaught of applications to the Illinois State Police and price gouging.

In addition, having a non resident permit will allow you to carry in other states since it may also take a while for Illinois State Police to enter into reciprocity agreements with other states.

We recommend Utah + Arizona permit combination due to the coverage they provide and the low costs both states charge to process the applications. Florida permit is recommended if you travel to Florida.

I am disgusted with the instructors and companies misrepresenting to the hard-working people of Illinois their classes by implying that you can take a class now and it would satisfy Illinois concealed carry requirements. If you are one of those people who paid for a class already, call those companies and instructors back and demand a refund! 

Feel free to call or email Illinois Concealed Carry, LLC. if you have additional questions about this topic. And please keep us in mind for all your firearm and concealed carry training needs.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Illinois Concealed Carry providing a dual concealed carry permit class for Utah and Arizona CCW permits

Dual concealed carry permit class offered by Illinois Concealed Carry

Oakbrook, IL | Illinois concealed carry, LLC is now able to provide a Dual concealed carry permit class. Obtain the Utah and Arizona CCW permits, which between the both are honored and recognized in 36 States.  As a non-resident permit holder you will be able to safely and legally conceal carry in 33 States, with both permits. PLUS there are no range qualification (live-fire) required.
This will save you time and money.
Qualify for both the Utah and Arizona permits in a single classroom session (4-5 hours) and leave the class with everything that you will need to obtain both permits.  We also have fingerprints and passport photo services onsite.